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A Typical Day

A typical waterfowl hunting day with DGO starts with an early rise, fresh coffee, fruit and light snacks. We then head out to the pre-scouted fields where you are typically shooting mallards, Canada Geese, and depending on the time of year, possibly Snow geese.  After the hunt we head back to camp for a delicious, hearty, homemade brunch. You can than lounge around camp, take a nap and relax getting ready for the evening shoot. 

Afternoon hunts you will either be heading back to the field or heading out on the flat bottom boat with a mud motor to hunt on one of the many marshes in the area. Water hunts are fast and furious usually resulting in a mixed species bag.


Interested in hunting Diver Ducks? Let us know and we'll put you on Canvasbacks, Scaup and Common Golden Eye.  

After the hunt a well prepared meal will be waiting. You can spend the evening as you wish but most hunters are found with their favourite beverage sharing stories around the camp fire.


*Please let us know If you have any dietary concerns,

    we’d be happy to accommodate*

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