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A Typical Day

A typical day with DGO starts with a later rise with a hearty home cooked breakfast. After breakfast, you can go with your guide to refresh baits and check cameras, or practice shooting at our life size 3D bear target, play horse shoes, or kick your feet up and tell stories from the previous hunt.

Afternoon you'll grab your pre-made field lunch and head out to hunt on the stand around 2pm. We hunt from a ladder stand or ground blind depending on what baits have the biggest bears. There is a cell phone tower close by and you will be able to keep in contact with your guide via cell for that magical time you harvest your trophy bear.

You'll be arriving back to camp after dark to a warm homemade late night meal then sitting around the table and camp fire where sharing stories of your hunt just comes natural.


 *Please let us know If you have any dietary concerns, we’d be happy to accommodate*

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